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Journal: Origins of OCs

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 13, 2015, 1:07 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The Doctor Who theme tune
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This journal was inspired by :iconkivaholotitan: who created the idea of making a journal where you can sort of talk about the origins of your most popular/favourite OCs. I thought I'd have a crack at it, especially since my watchers seem to like hearing me talk for some reason. :XD:

OK, here we go:


These two are among my most popular and beloved OCs so why not talk about them? :XD: The funny thing is though, I don't really remember much of their creation process or how I came up with them really. I was coining together Heroes of Mobius back in 2010 and I randomly got the idea for some OCs that could appear in said story. Wilson was a no-brainer for my pet dog of the same name inspired his name, species and appearance (his ears are the same as my dog's). Mandy...I really don't know what inspired her really or why I decided to call her "Mandy". I just...did. Although I do think the reason I made her a mouse was because there aren't many mice in the Sonic universe so I thought a Mobian mouse would be cool. Her purple fur was because I thought it suited the name "Mandy". Yeah I'm weird. :XD:

Their backstories, well with my characters, I do tend to put a bit of myself in them and the fact they're victims of racism reflects my hatred of racism. That and I thought it would make them relate-able to the audience and symapthetic. :aww:


He's an interesting case because I actually created him YEARS BEFORE I EVER SO MUCH AS THOUGHT OF HEROES OF MOBIUS(!). I wasn't even a Sonic fan at the time I created him! I was a Doctor Who fan and I created Marik the Martian as sort of like "The Master" type of enemy for Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes. He was once called "Master Martian" too. But when I finally decided to stop copying Doctor Who (hurr, hurr), I changed Marik drastically when I decided to put him in some Sonic stories. The name "Marik" came from Yu-Gi-Oh. I liked the name so I gave it him. Marvin the Martian is still the inspiration for his design and species pretty much and the metal hand idea was inspired by Davros of Doctor Who fame right down to firing electrical shocks from his claws.  As for his sadistic, war-loving personality? Well, I thought that the Martians don't really have anything that makes them stand out from each other in the media so I thought I'd give him something that's different to other Martians in the media. I've not seen war-loving Martians before so this was a new idea I thought worked really well. :)


This was one that came to me completely at random. I was about to write the Chun-Nan arc in Heroes of Mobius and started coining up characters to debut in said arc. The name "Princess Matilda" randomly came to my head and I just decided to make a character out of the name. Mulan from the Disney movie of the same name inspired most of her personality and Mina Mongoose inspired her appearance. Maybe too much for knowing kung-fu? I decided to do that to make Matilda a middle-finger to the damsel-in-distress type of princess. The name Matilda references my fave Roald Dahl book, as well as sums up her character for the name means "strength and might". Matilda is a strong and mighty character physically and in terms of personality. ;)

Her back story was inspired by the revelation that she knows kung-fu pretty much. I was inspired to explain how she knows it and why she learnt it. 


I coined her up before Heroes of Mobius. At the time I created her, I was writing a series of Sonic fanfics which I've now deleted and some ideas I had for the fanfics ended up being Heroes of Mobius episodes. Sora Prower was one of the surviving ideas that made it into the series. :D Sora was created to be the cool big sis that Tails probably had but lost or the sister he never had but probably would have. Her design was created to be similair to Tails so we believe straight away that she's related to him but I tried to avoid making her look like a recolour by giving her just one tail and giving her different gloves, shoes and the added utility belt and hairstyle. The idea of her being a spy...I really don't know why I chose that.I just did. ^^;  As for her name? I was inspired by Digimon, one of my fave shows from childhood. I liked the name Sora so I chose it for her. :aww:

Her back story was pretty easy, explain why Tails doesn't remember her, mention her and all that jazz. With that in mind, her back story was plain sailing. 


I honestly can't remember much of his creation process. I just randomly made up the word "Devatron", coined him up to be the leader, randomly coined up his name and created his appearance. That's pretty much it. Like Marik though, he wasn't originally created to be a Sonic villain. He was created before I got back into Sonic but nearer the time I got back into it as opposed to Marik. The V-shaped visor and the singular eye were inspired by many robot designs and his two-thumbed hands were inspired by designs seen in some fictional monsters. The shoulder cape he wears is sort of a symbol for somebody who's been in many battles and was inspired by that kind of idea. His sword was inspired by Sonic X villain Dark Oak's sword.


Believe it or not, these guys were actually created to be Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers villains. No seriously! They were! I had an idea for a CDRR story that never happened and they were meant to be the Big Bads! However, the story never came to be as I said. When creating Heroes of Mobius, I knew that they had to be brought back as they were too good to waste. So I refashioned them as Sonic villains.

Roxy was originally a mink to start with but then later became a raccoon. Her purple fur was meant to make her look dark but sexy at the same time, fitting in with the "Femme Fatale" trope. Her bodysuit was inspired by bodysuits I'd seen real women and fictional women wear and was also meant to reinforce her status as a criminal bad girl. 

Lennox Meers was made to be a meerkat since we've never had meerkat villains before. His shoes were inspired by Miles the Anti Tails from Archie Sonic and his wide brimmed hat was inspired by Cad Bane from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The cloak was meant to give him somewhere to hide all his guns and his name came from the Transformers films, the character Willaim Lennox to be precise. His surname is meant to have a sound similar to "meerkat" to make it fitting.

Owen Pounder was created to be a rabbit since there aren't many rabbit villains out there. The idea of him being a clever brute was meant to make him avert the Dumb Muscle trope. I thought I was being clever at the time it turns out, somebody already did that. (coughcoughBanecoughcough)

Alister Drakken's name comes from the fact I like the name Alister and I thought Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible's name was cool. I thought the two sounded great together so that's where his name came from. Him being a bat was meant to make him more sinister and the fact he wears a mask to survive was supposed to also add to his sinister appearance and make him a mysterious character. 


My first Freedom Planet fancharacter. :D When creating her, the idea was pretty much inspired by this one question: "Who is the leader of the Red Scarves?" The Freedom Planet website itself says Spade is a MEMBER of the group so I wondered who the leader was and thus, I created Natalya to fill that role. Her attire was inspired by The Matrix in some ways and her being a dragon was inspired by this other thought about the game: "Is Lilac the only dragon or are there more?" The game doesn't give ANY hints about that so I could pretty much go nuts. :XD: Her being a dragon was also meant to make her look more like a nemesis to Lilac, especially on a personal level. Her name was inspired by the character of Raven from H.I.V.E., who's real name is Natalya. I liked the name and I thought it sounded appropriately evil so I used it. As for her heel-turn? That was inspired by theories Reece Wooldridge had about her being related to Lilac in some way. And thus, her back story was born too. ^^

Speaking of which, her back story  has another hint of me in it. I hate abusive parents and detest domestic abuse. 


I was in the creation stage of The Darkest Day and I was trying to create a villain for it. I ended up coming up with his name a little later, said name being inspired by the film "Happy Feet". Memphis being a fire dragon was created to make him a polar opposite to Lilac, who is a water dragon. That also helped to shape up his personality and status as a villain. His personality and weapon and also his eloquent nature were inspired by The Inquisitor of Star Wars Rebels and the creation process behind him was that he had to be a very personal enemy of Lilac's to make her exile more tragic for the readers and make them desire to see her get back at him more. His coat was inspired by Monkey Khan, one of my fave Archie exclusive characters. 


When writing "Curse of the Dark Stone", I wanted to create a companion for Torque to show that he's not on his lonesome outside of Avalice and to show that there's more Chasers out there since Torque's part of a group known as The Chasers. Terra was also created as an experiment for me to see if I could create a hero female character who ISN'T a love interest for a change. Her design was to reflect Torque's design so the audience would identify her as being a Chaser and being of the same species as Torque. Her hair style was inspired by something but I can't quite remember what...

As for her name? Teen Titans inspired it. ;) 

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