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Mixedfan 8643 Q and A Session: The Answers

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 22, 2016, 6:12 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

OK, I think I've got enough questions to answer so now I shall post the answers! :D

So first of all, I'll be starting with my Hotmail friend Reece Wooldridge. He's the exception to the rules since he's not from DA so he gave me three questions and they are:

1: You know what Elysian/Elysium means?

I originally didn't know but Reece ended up telling me afterwards. Apparently, Elysium is the Greek version of the afterlife. So "Greek Heaven" I guess.

2: Who'd you rather have Tails with out of these two: Zooey or Fiona?

I'd probably say Zooey, mainly because she's a much nicer girl than Fiona is. 

3: Did you know in an alternate universe Kal-El is both Superman and Batman?

That just blew my mind. This is a thing?! THIS. IS. A. THING?! This sounds ridiculously awesome! :D 

Now next up is a question from :icontch2: He asked:Can you imagine Sonic and co in the art style of Don Bluth?

Oooh, now that's a good one. A VERY good one! Can I imagine Sonic and co in the art style of Don Bluth? I probably can actually. I'm not sure how they'd look in the Don Bluth style but I wouldn't put it past Bluth and his men to make the Sonic cast look great. :D

Up next is one from :icontdwinnerfordinner: who asked: What got you into Freedom Planet?

Now that's one heck of a story to tell! :XD: I can remember looking on Sonic fansites and seeing adverts for Freedom Planet over and over and also hearing people on DA talking about it. I just sat there wondering "WHAT THE HECK IS FREEDOM PLANET?!?!" to which my good friend :iconshadowlegionnaire: cleared it up for me. It sounded very interesting and he even showed me some cutscenes and gameplay footage. So I started watching the cutscenes and the rest is history. I was hooked and I loved the story, the characters and the world of Avalice. I eventually played the game and loved it even more. I'm glad I've discovered Freedom Planet and I sincerely look forward to the sequel. :D

Next we have one from :iconskysoul25: and he asked me:How would you make a Sonic Game?

Oh boy, I bet I'm not the only Sonic fan to get a question like this. Anyway, how would I make one? That's simple: make a Sonic Heroes sequel. I'd use the gameplay of Sonic Heroes and the story-telling of Archie Sonic to make, in my opinion, the perfect Sonic game. I'd also make a game liked Sonic Unleashed only without the medal collecting or the pointless Werehog gimmick. Oh and I'd also give Blaze the Cat her own game too. Blaze deserves her own game SEGA! 

For the next entry, this question was from :icontriple84e: who asked:What is your plans for the future of your art and stories?

First of all, it's "What ARE your plans for the future of your art and stories", not "What is". Anyway, my plans for the future of my art and stories...hmm...I can't really answer that one. Because I don't really have plans for the future of them. I just...keep doing them as I please. I have no end goal in sight and just want it to be an ongoing thing. Though in terms of my stories, I do hope to be able to write professionally and not just be limited to fanfiction. This is something I want to do for a living. My art however will remain a fun hobby as I'm no artist and never will be. I'm a decent doodler, nothing more. 

:iconhero-t: is next with this question:If you were given an option to go to any fictional world to go and live, where would you live.

Gotham City. :lol:

Nah just kidding, I'd probably live in the Pixar Universe. Why? Because life would never be dull with talking toys, monsters in doors, cars acting as people and much more. :aww:

Now for a question from one of my friendliest and most sociable watchers out there :icontf2playerooooo3: and he asked me: What is your favorite hobby ?

My favourite hobby? I have several favourite hobbies, I don't have one particular favourite. My fave hobbies include walking the dog, writing, drawing, building LEGO sets and socializing with family. :aww:

Now for one of my long time DA buddies to ask a question. :icondarkcatthekhajjit: asked me: What if Disney and Aardman ever decided to team up together to make one big film with Tim Button then what your thoughts of this idea?

That sounds like a dream team to me. A Disney and Aardman movie made by Tim Burton oughta kick ass! :D

Now :iconvictauron: has his turn as he asks me this question: The question I have is what exactly drew you into fanfiction and writing?  Was it because of how you were creative, imaginative and loved writing even from a young age?

I've been a story-teller ever since the day I discovered television. I used to reenact scenes from movies and TV shows (and still do now) and sometimes I'd make up scenes of my own with some of my fave characters. I also liked to read books and they inspired me originally to get into writing. As for what drew me into FANFICTION, that's another story. I was browsing the internet, looking up stuff related to the Disney film The Rescuers. One result was a Rescuers story from FanFiction.Net. I discovered the sigh and the medium of fanfiction and got inspired by it, especially by the site's tagline "Unleash your imagination". And nowadays, more and more things inspire me to get into writing and give me lots of ideas for fanfiction. Without the media, I never would've been a story-teller. :aww:

Now one of my oldest internet friends, dating back from even BEFORE my days on Deviantart, :iconoverkill-0526: asks me this: Do you think Star Wars has only gotten better when Disney bought it from George Lucas?

Now that is an interesting question. One of the most interesting in fact! Anyways do I think Star Wars has gotten better after Disney bought Lucasfilms? My answer, honestly and truthfully, is...yes. Yes I do think that indeed. Disney seems to have A LOT of respect for the Star Wars mythos and the characters that inhabit the universe of Star Wars. Star Wars Rebels is proof of that. :) And The Force Awakens is probably the best Star Wars movie that isn't from the prequel trilogy thus far and mostly because Disney actually listens to the fans when making Star Wars. Oh and the dialogue in Star Wars lately has improved vastly now Disney's in charge. So yeah, Disney buying Star Wars is by far the best thing that's ever happened to the franchise. :D

And here we have a question from my closest DA friend, :iconmastergamer20: Hmmm, if you thought of doing a fanfic story/series from a video game (aside from Sonic), which one would you be interested to write about?

That's easy, Dust: An Elysian Tail. ;) I'd also be interested in writing for Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank if I was to write a fanfic series for a video-game. :)

And here's one from a user named :iconzdarkking: He asked: if sonic disappeared forever or wasn't a thing what series would you think you be a fan of example a nintendo game series or anything really

I'm a fan of multiple things already. Even before Sonic, I was a fan of Robot Wars, Transformers, Pokemon and Digimon so if Sonic wasn't a thing, it wouldn't matter as I have plenty of options outside of that. :D

And next we have a question from :iconscurvypiratehog: Here he asks: We have seen you make Characters for Sonic, and FP. have you thought about making characters for other franchises, games, series, and stuff, like for example your own batman villain?

Oooh, that's a really good one! Anyway, if I could make up characters for other franchises, I have to say that I'd have a ball making up my own Transformers OCs and I'm sure it'd be fun making up my own Batman villain or something. :D If I was feeling really adventurous, I'd probably make up my own Star Wars characters if I ever felt like writing for Star Wars. :)

Next is one from :iconscifiguy9000: He asked: What's your thoughts on Futurama?

Sorry pal, I have no thoughts. I've never watched it and given it's by the same guys who make The Simpsons, I never intend to watch it. I hate The Simpsons so what chance do I have of liking Futurama? I will say though, I quite like Bender's catchphrase "Bite my shiny metal ass!", that's a funny quote. :XD:

And now the last question, which is from: :iconshinewubbortiz2199: What do you think might happen if the Sonic game series and the Sly Cooper game series ever had a crossover?

What do I think might happen? Well, I imagine the game would probably boost Sly Cooper's popularity up by 1000 points given Sonic's own popularity and Sonic himself could possibly benefit from such a crossover. As for what would happen story-wise, I imagine that it would feature Sonic and Sly teaming up to stop some kind of criminal whilst avoiding Carmelita. It would be a lot of fun if such a game was ever made. :D

Well that's it from me. Thanks so much for taking part in this Q&A session and thanks so much for your questions. :D I hope you like the answers and have fun with this guys. :D

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