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Episode 83: Planet of Steel Part 3: Battle of the Mechas

Dr. Eggman was sitting in his headquarters basking in glory over his most recent victory. He had managed to roboticize all of Mobius at once, save for four Mobians, and he was now on top of his game at this very moment. His greatest enemy Sonic the Hedgehog had been forced into hiding due to the recent events that have been happening and Dr. Eggman had ordered all the Robians of Mobius to go and find Sonic and bring him to Robotropolis for roboticization. His friends Tails the twin-tailed fox, Bunnie Rabbot the partially roboticized rabbit and Ruben the Water Panther had survived being roboticized too so the Robians were on the look out for them too. Once they found the last four Mobians left in existence, they would take them to Robotropolis and Dr. Eggman would wipe out the Mobian race by roboticizing them and at long last, he will have won this silly little war game of his and conquered Mobius at long last. He was considering renaming the planet "Robius" much like how roboticized-Mobians were called "Robians" so calling Mobius "Robius" would be very fitting indeed. Despite his glorious victory, Dr. Eggman couldn't stop letting Sonic's escape gnaw at his head like a dog on a bone. Even though he was sure to win what with having billions of minions under his control, he couldn't help but think Sonic would somehow come out on top in the end since Sonic always wins in the long run. But that was mostly due to outside interference or Sonic's friends being a pain and since Sonic only had three left, he wasn't going to get as much help as he usually did. Still, he had to capture Sonic before he stopped him once again. He turned to face his robotic woman servant Katherine, who stood motionlessly beside him as silent as a grave.

"Any news from my Robian army?" asked Dr. Eggman.

Katherine shook her head. Dr. Eggman grumbled to himself impatiently.

"How hard is it to find one slaggin' hedgehog?" he grumbled to himself "Sonic can't hide anywhere from me, I have the entire population of Mobius under control! There's Robians no matter where he runs so how is he evading me all this time?"

He tugged on his moustache in frustration.

"I know I've won at last but with Sonic on the loose, I can't relax yet!" he whined "Sonic's making me feel all jittery and uneasy due to the fact he's still at large and I haven't managed to get the Chaos Emeralds off him yet so he might use them in someway or another to save the day! Or he might have some kind of plan and he'll use it to stop me and save his stupid little planet! I must get that hedgehog or…"

Katherine suddenly interrupted Dr. Eggman by playing a recorded sound effect from an old children's cartoon.

"Relax will ya?" played the sound "Stress ain't good for ya health ya know!"

Dr. Eggman stopped fretting and he settled down in his chair.

"Sorry Katherine." said Dr. Eggman "I really shouldn't worry at all. Sonic can't possibly beat me now. He's not smart enough to think of a way to get past my roboticizer. If he tries to get in it, he'll just get roboticized just like Shadow did. So even if he has a plan, it won't work. Total extinction of the Mobian race is inevitable and I shall have the biggest robot army known to all the galaxy!"

Katherine nodded in agreement.

"Maybe I should send Mecha Shadow to apprehend the hedgehog." thought Dr. Eggman "He's bound to get him. Mecha Shadow is my most powerful Robian of all."

Katherine then suddenly displayed a holographic image from her visor and showed Dr. Eggman a Robian's visual contact. Dr. Eggman could see whatever this Robian was seeing right now. And this Robian could see Sonic the Hedgehog zooming towards him with Tails, Bunnie and Ruben following him with their respective transportation methods. They zoomed past the Robian at top speed and they whizzed off into the distance. The Robian ran after them but it soon lost them due to their superior speed. Dr. Eggman stroked his moustache and thought to himself.

"Is Sonic coming back to Robotropolis?" he thought to himself "If that's the case then why is he doing that? Has he finally admitted defeat so he's coming to let himself get roboticized? I hope that's the case or I am going to flip real badly if he's trying to stop me even though he knows he can't! Katherine, keep an eye on his position!"

Katherine obeyed and she tracked Sonic's coordinates. The map on her visor showed he was indeed heading for Robotropolis. Dr. Eggman could see the map on her visor and he realized his theory was correct, Sonic was coming to Robotropolis, coming to get HIM or coming to give himself up. He hoped it was the latter because an angry Sonic the Hedgehog was the last thing he needed to ruin his day right now…

Outside, Sonic the Hedgehog was zooming towards Robotropolis at top speed with no sign of slowing down or stopping. He had a plan and he was desperate to carry it out so he was going to use the full potential of his speed to get to the robot city. Tails and Bunnie were flying closely behind him with Ruben surfing on water after him. The three were doing a good job at keeping up with Sonic despite the fact he was going at his fastest speed right now (His top speed is 768 miles per hour). Sonic held on tightly to the ring while making sure he didn't accidentally activate it's power and end up using it all up by the time he reached Robotropolis. As for Robotropolis, It was only a few yards away now and with Sonic's amazing speed, he would make it there in no time. The gates to Robotropolis still hadn't been repaired from when Bunnie knocked them down before the fight with Weaponized Alonzo so Sonic and the others were free to just zoom straight through them and into the city. They zoomed straight through the gates and past any robots stupid enough to stand in their way. The robots were either knocked over by the wind Sonic crated when running fast or sent flying through the air in a comical fashion. The Mobians zoomed straight towards Eggman's headquarters and they invited themselves inside the base by knocking the door down again. Now inside the base, the Mobians headed to the lift they used from earlier and they went straight inside it. Tails pressed the button that said "centre floor" and the lift took them straight up to the centre floor, the very floor the roboticizer chamber was kept on. The moment the lift opened, the Mobians darted out of the lift and ran down the corridor to the steel door that contained the roboticizer pod that Eggman had used to roboticize the entire planet. Sonic stopped in front of the door and he prepared to open it.

"OK you guys, this is it." said Sonic "The moment I open this door and step into the room, I will become Mecha Sonic once again. And if all goes well, this ring will prevent me from losing my freewill."

"Mecha Sonic once again?" asked Ruben "Am I right in saying you've been roboticized before?"

"I sure have Ruben." said Sonic grimly as the bad memories from his time as Mecha Sonic flooded his head like a raging current "Eggman had a portable roboticizer machine that roboticized me. I was turned from world's greatest hero to world's greatest villain in one swift zap. Tails managed to de-roboticize me by setting the machine in reverse and Mecha Sonic was gone for good. But now it's time for him to come out and play once again, this time as a good guy."

"Hey Sonic, ah've just realized somethin' here." said Bunnie quickly "If ah let mah self get roboticized won't mah already roboticized arm and legs explode since a roboticizer destroys anything that's already mechanical?"

Sonic thought for a moment on that.

"Hmm…that is a thought." said Sonic "Hopefully, the roboticizer will get confused and think you're a Robian or something like that. Either way, keep your shield generator handy and activate it when you step into the room just in case."

"OK sugah-hog." said Bunnie, deploying her shield generator which she rarely used.

"Or maybe you can just come with me and help me catch Eggman's attention." suggested Sonic quickly "Yeah, that'd be much better. Me and you can cause a riot while Tails and Ruben set the roboticizer in reverse."

"I like that idea much bettah." said Bunnie, putting her shield generator away.

"Right everybody, here goes nothing!" cried Sonic, holding his breath and closing his eyes.

He gave the ring to Tails as he didn't want the ring to get roboticized too as he stepped into the room. He opened the chamber door and he stepped into the room. The moment he did, he was hit by a roboticizer beam that fired from the egg-shaped roboticizer pod in the centre of the room. Sonic yelped as he was hit by the blast and he fell onto his knees. His cobalt fur began to change into metal and his eyes turned into red emotionless optics. His quills straightened and became metal and pointy and even his gloves and shoes turned metal. Mecha Sonic had returned and he was ready to serve Dr. Eggman. Only Sonic had a way of getting his freewill so he wouldn't be back to cause trouble again. Mecha Sonic glared at Tails, Bunnie and Ruben and he advanced on them with his claws bared.

"Mobians-Priority-One." he droned "Com-men-cing-capture."

Tails immediately thrust the magical ring at Mecha Sonic and the roboticized hedgehog snatched it off of him, thinking it would be of some use to Dr. Eggman. The moment he touched the ring though, the ring glowed a radiant golden glow and it's energy surged up Mecha Sonic's circuits like an electrical current. The ring, as Amy Rose had once stated, had a negative effect on evil life and it was going to erase Mecha Sonic's evil mind and restore it back to normal. Unfortunately, the energy the ring was feeding him seemed to be a little too much as Mecha Sonic's optics were fuzzing, his body was shaking violently and he appeared to be smoking slightly. Tails immediately freaked at that sight.

"Oh no! The power's too much! It's gonna destroy him!" shrieked Tails "Get it off him!"

He lunged at Mecha Sonic and grabbed the ring frantically. He yanked it out of Mecha Sonic's metallic grasp and the energy stopped surging up Mecha Sonic's body. Mecha Sonic collapsed onto his knees and panted heavily, the smoke fading away as it trailed out of his body. Mecha Sonic picked himself up and he rubbed his head better.

"Oooh I think that was a little too much juice for my liking!" he spluttered in his natural organic voice instead of a monotone robotic voice "Wait a minute, my voice!" he cried, clutching his throat "It's not robotic sounding! That means it must have worked! I've got my freewill back!"

"Yippee!" cried Tails happily "Your plan's working to perfection Sonic!"

"I had a feeling it would." gloated Mecha Sonic, rubbing his sharp, pointy, metal nose "Those rings freed me from Marik's Energy Diamond side effect so it was gonna free me from a Robian body. Although I'm still a robot, I can do what I like and no one can boss me around!"

"The good thing is since we took the ring off you before it could kill you, it's got some power left for me and Ruben." said Tails "We'll roboticize ourselves so we can get in the room and we'll see to setting the roboticizer in reverse."

"You do that then." said Mecha Sonic "Me and Bunnie are gonna keep Egg Brains diverted so he doesn't send anyone to stop you."

"Good luck Sonic and Bunnie." said Tails "You'll need it out there."

"I'll be just fine Tails." said Mecha Sonic cheekily "It's Eggman who needs the luck out here! Come on Bunnie, I'll pretend I've captured you and I'm escorting you to the roboticizer camber."

"OK sugah-hog." said Bunnie, running off down the corridor as if she was running away in terror from Mecha Sonic.

Mecha Sonic chuckled and he chased after Bunnie, pretending he was trying to catch her. The two ran into the elevator and in order to make Mecha Sonic's pursuit of Bunnie look more realistic and believable, Bunnie punched her way through the top of the elevator and rocketed straight up the shaft with Mecha Sonic flying after her, keeping up with her effortlessly. If Eggman was watching this now, which he was, he would just see it as Bunnie desperately trying to escape from Mecha Sonic before he could take her to be roboticized. Tails and Ruben just laughed to themselves at how much of an act Bunnie and Mecha Sonic were putting on right now. This act would have fooled them had they not known they were only pretending.

"I never took Sonic and Bunnie to be good actors." said Ruben "Maybe they should get a career in film once this war is over."

"Perhaps." said Tails "OK, it's our turn to be roboticized. It's the only way we'll get in that room without it zapping us."

"You go first." said Ruben "I'll hand you the ring once you've finished and I'll take it off you before it gets to be too much for you."

"Alright then Ruben." said Tails, stepping into the room.

The roboticizer chamber powered up and the pod shot at Tails the moment he so much as stuck his toe into the room (it's THAT sensitive! You could stick your EYELASH in the room and it would zap you!) Tails was hit by the roboticizer beam and he fell onto his knees. His yellow fur turned into yellow armour, his trademark twin-tails became metallic and bladed at the tips, his eyes became optics and his insides became circuitry and mechanisms. Tails was now Mecha Tails and even though he was a roboticized eight-year old fox, he looked pretty scary and dangerous. His twin-tails looked more like rotor blades then tails now and his cold, icy blue optics made him look deathly serious for a kid robot. Ruben was just glad he wouldn't have to fight Mecha Tails as he had a way of restoring his freewill. Mecha Tails bared his claws at Ruben and he advanced on him but Ruben gave him the magical ring. Mecha Tails snatched it off of him but before he could throw it away, the ring's power activated and surged up his circuitry. Mecha Tails' optics went fuzzy and his metallic body began to shake vigorously. Just as his body began to steam under the onslaught, Ruben snatched the ring back off of him. Mecha Tails collapsed onto his knees and he spluttered briefly. The smoke drifted away into the air and he picked himself up. He rubbed his metal cranium and he groaned in his normal voice instead of a robotical voice.

"I never…wanna do that again." said Mecha Tails weakly "Oh well, at least I've got my freewill back. I never thought I'd get to see what I look like as a robot but now I do."

He admired himself all over. He felt his sharp, pointy bangs, his metal claws, his metal skin and even his twin tails, which were bladed and not as articulate as his real tails.

"Gosh! I'm like a walking blade factory!" cried Mecha Tails "I'm sharp all over! Just imagine if I tried to hug Cosmo, I'd cut her clean open!"

"Well since Cosmo's a robot, you won't have to worry about that." noted Ruben "Now it's my turn to become a robot. Hold the ring for me."

Mecha Tails took the ring off Ruben. The ring didn't do anything to him because his freewill had been restored so the ring knew it had done it's duty. Ruben stepped into the roboticizer chamber and was met with a blast from the roboticizer pod. Ruben fell onto his knees as he began to transform into a robot thanks to the blast. His glorious blue fur began to become metal, his tail became sharp and metallic, his eyes turned into optics and his aqua-collar changed into metal too. Ruben was now Mecha Ruben and he had a unique feature installed in him. That being his fingers were like hose pipes and he'd be able to squirt water out of them as if he was a water shooting robot of some kind. Mecha Ruben turned around and saw Mecha Tails. In his mechanical mind, he just saw Mecha Tails as some kind of lackey so he didn't attempt to capture him or attack him. Mecha Tails handed Mecha Ruben the ring and Mecha Ruben took it, thinking it was going to be of some importance. The moment he touched the ring, the ring's power activated on him and Mecha Ruben was stricken by the golden radiance of the ring's power. Mecha Tails waited for Mecha Ruben to start smoking and after a few seconds, he began to smoke slightly so Mecha Tails quickly snatched the ring off Mecha Ruben and snapped it in two as they wouldn't need it anymore and leaving it lying around for Dr. Eggman to pick up was pretty much an invitation to suicide. Mecha Ruben shook himself off and he felt himself all over.

"That ring's power sure works." he said in his normal, proper voice "I'm myself again. Hey, I think I look good as a robot." he said as he admired his metallic body, sharp tail and steel gloves "I really do don't I? I wonder if I can still use my water powers?"

He pointed at the wall behind Mecha Tails and he squirted some water out of the nozzle in his metal finger. His fingers were like built in hose pipes and Mecha Ruben seemed to be fascinated with that little instalment.

"Nice, this roboticization thought of everything." he said with awe "Just a pity I won't be able to stay like this as we're gonna de-roboticize everybody."

"That's right." said Mecha Tails, casually strolling into the roboticizer chamber "Now we're Robians, the roboticizer doesn't need to roboticize us and we can go in without any worries."

"I'm glad I have my freewill back otherwise I'd be talking in monotone like everybody else." said Mecha Ruben, following Mecha Tails into the chamber "And monotone's a pain to listen to as the person talking to you sounds like his speech is being slowed down for the sole purpose of annoying you."

"I never understood why robots talked like that." said Mecha Tails "And yet I'm a mechanical genius so I should know."

He and Mecha Ruben were now in the roboticizer chamber which only had one feature, the giant egg-shaped pod in the centre of the room. Now they had their freewill back, they could act under their own orders and set the roboticizer in reverse, a task that would have been impossible for them to do had they still been under Eggman's control as he wouldn't be stupid enough to order his own Robians to de-roboticize everybody. Mecha Tails and Mecha Ruben looked unsurely at the giant roboticizer pod that loomed above them.

"OK…where to start?" asked Mecha Ruben.

"We're gonna have to set the pod in reverse." explained Mecha Tails "The settings to this pod must be somewhere around here…"

He scanned the pod's control panel for any possible button or dial that could change the settings on the pod. Mecha Tails had no idea what he should try as he didn't know this machine and how it worked but he couldn't just try any control on the pod. If he did something stupid like accidentally activate the roboticizer then Mobian kind would be extinct in one clean sweep of the waves and he and Ruben would be the only Mobians left as they were in the chamber so they wouldn't be affected. Although they were Robians now so Mobian kind would be gone forever if he did something like that accidentally so Mecha Tails didn't trust himself to touch any of the controls in fear of doing something like that by accident. Mecha Ruben had some kind of idea though. He kicked a panel on the side of the pod and the panel fell straight into the pod.

"Maybe you can change the settings in here?" suggested Mecha Ruben.

Mecha Tails stepped over to where Mecha Ruben was standing and he looked at the kicked in panel. Inside the pod, he could see a lot of circuitry but there was enough room for people to go inside and work on it. Mecha Tails got down on his knees and crawled inside.

"I'll see what I can do in here." said Mecha Tails "Keep an eye out for danger Ruben."

Mecha Ruben obeyed and he kept his optics fixed squarely on the door. If anyone was going to try and stop him and Mecha Tails from saving the world, he would let them have it with a jet of water, unless it was a Robian of course which in that case he would just beat the tar out of them and keep them out of the room. He began to wonder how Mecha Sonic and Bunnie were doing right now and if Eggman had caught on to their act yet. If he had then there could be a chance the plan would fall into chaos and Mobius would never be saved from Eggman's tyranny…

Meanwhile, Mecha Sonic had finally managed to "capture" Bunnie Rabbot and he was bringing her to Dr. Eggman to report he'd managed to capture her. Bunnie had her arms behind her back as if Mecha Sonic had put a pair of cuffs on her although really, Bunnie had nothing on her wrists right now. Mecha Sonic took Bunnie into the elevator and they took it up to the top floor where Dr. Eggman was stationed.

"Okay sugah-hog, when do we spring into action?" asked Bunnie, whispering quietly to him.

"We do it to it the moment Dr. Eggman orders me to take you to the chamber." said Mecha Sonic "We'll shoot at him but not actually hit him and get Dr. Eggman to stick Mecha Shadow or anyone else on us. Then we just fight them the best we can while keeping everyone's attention on us so Eggman won't notice Tails and Ruben in the chamber."

"OK sugah-hog." said Bunnie with a wink that could charm any man "Ah've got ya'll. We do as much damage as we can in order to distract everybody."

The elevator stopped ascending and it pinged as it's doors opened up. To Sonic and Bunnie's surprise however, Katherine was standing there and waiting for them as if she knew they were coming. Dr. Eggman had seen them coming up the elevator and he sent Katherine to fetch Mecha Sonic and bring him to him. Mecha Sonic stood to attention while holding on tightly to Bunnie's shoulders, the Rabbot pretending to struggle in his grasp.

"Let go of me you robo-hog!" yelled Bunnie as she pretended to try and break free.

Mecha Sonic just held onto her even tighter. He stared straight into Katherine's visor and he spoke in a fake monotone voice. Since he had his freewill back, he didn't sound like a robot anymore so he had to speak in monotone purposely this time.

"I-have-cap-tured-one-of-the-sur-viv-ing-Mobians." he droned while trying to sound like a robot "I-have-come-to-take-her-to-Dr.-Egg-man-so-he-may-de-cide-her-fate."

Katherine, despite her intelligence, fell for the act due to how good it was and she wondered off down the corridor, leading Mecha Sonic to Dr. Eggman. Mecha Sonic roughly pushed Bunnie as he followed Katherine to Eggman's headquarters. Katherine led them down a corridor and she turned to the left. She led them to the end of this corridor and she opened the door. The door opened and Katherine led Mecha Sonic and Bunnie into the room. This was Dr. Eggman's quarters and the fat scientist looked very pleased to see them to say the least. He sat there in his chair and he grinned happily.

"Well isn't this a surprise?" he purred to himself "Sonic the Hedgehog has given himself up to me and has allowed himself to be roboticized! And he's bought Bunnie Rabbot with him too! Even better!"

Mecha Sonic strode up to Dr. Eggman while clutching Bunnie Rabbot's shoulders. Bunnie continued to struggle in his grasp as Mecha Sonic steered her towards the fat man himself.

"Git off of me Mecha Sonic!" screeched Bunnie "Ya'll will be sorry ya messed with me!"

"Si-lence-pris-o-ner." snapped Mecha Sonic.

He stopped in front of Dr. Eggman and he "reported" to him.

"Mas-ter-I-have-cap-tured-the-Rab-bot." droned Mecha Sonic.

"Excellent!" cried Dr. Eggman "I'm so glad you've given yourself up to me Sonic and made the right choice in roboticizing yourself! You're gonna be much better off on my side then trying to beat an army of billions."

"I-do-not-under-stand-what-you-are-talk-ing-about." droned Mecha Sonic, hoping that that was the right thing for him to say right now as Robians don't usually have memories of what's happened prior to their conversion so he should pretend he didn't know anything prior to his roboticization.

"Of course you don't." said Dr. Eggman "Robians have no memories prior to their conversion. Oh well never mind, do you have the other two Mobians that dodged roboticization?" he asked.

"A-ffir-ma-tive." droned Mecha Sonic "The-Mobian-you-know-as-"Tails"-and-the-Mobian-you-know-as-"Ruben"-have-given-them-selves-up-and-allowed-me-to-ro-bot-i-cize-them. The-Rab-bot-here-will-not-comply-so-I-had-to-cap-ture-her-and-bring-her-to-you-so-you-can-deal-with-her."

"Now isn't that wonderful?" purred Dr. Eggman "Tails has given himself up too. I'm not fully familiar with Ruben though. Is he the blue guy with the water powers?"

"A-ffir-ma-tive." droned Mecha Sonic.

"Well now he can be a water-powered robot." said Dr. Eggman "He might be good for putting out fires should I get any. Anyway, thank you for capturing Bunnie for me Mecha Sonic. Take her to the chamber and let her get roboticized. I'll have to de-roboticize her first as her robot parts will explode if I roboticize her now then I'll roboticize her all over again."

"Ya'll can't do this to me Dr. Eggman!" yelled Bunnie, trying to lunge at Eggman but Mecha Sonic held her back hastily "Ah'll whup yer backside all the way to Holoska for this!"

"Oh shut up Bunnie if you know what's good for you." snapped Dr. Eggman "Mecha Sonic, escort her down to the chamber if you please."

"Yes-sir-your-word-is-law." droned Mecha Sonic, turning around and dragging Bunnie away to the door.

Dr. Eggman smiled happily to himself and he turned around in his chair. He put his hands behind his head and he sighed with joy.

"The Mobians are extinct at last." said Dr. Eggman "I'm amazed Sonic gave himself up at long last. At least it proves he does have a brain and he knows how to use it properly at long last. What a great joy it is to have my most hated nemesis as my evil minion once again! Only this time, he'll STAY as my evil minion!"

"Ehk! Wrong answer!" Mecha Sonic sneered at Dr. Eggman from the other side of the room.

"I beg your pardon Mecha Sonic?" demanded Dr. Eggman angrily, turning around to face Mecha Sonic.

Mecha Sonic let go of Bunnie and he spin-dashed Dr. Eggman, knocking the chair off it's stand and sending Eggman skidding across the floor while still in the chair. He crashed into the wall and he groaned in pain. Katherine tried to react but Bunnie deployed her arm cannon and she pointed it at Katherine's face.

"Stay where you are sugah!" ordered Bunnie "This lil' ol' cannon of mine isn't a force to be reckoned with!"

Katherine reluctantly stayed where she was but she didn't raise her hands or anything, she just remained standing still, staring directly at Bunnie. As for Dr. Eggman, Mecha Sonic grabbed him by his uniform and hoisted him up to his height, his red optics glowing red with rage at him.

"Mecha Sonic! What is the meaning of this? I command you to release me!" he bellowed at him.

"Sorry doc, but this unit isn't programmed to obey you." sneered Mecha Sonic "Mecha Sonic plays by his own rules."

"What? You're speaking with your normal voice!" cried Dr. Eggman "That means you've gotten your freewill back! You slime ball, how did you manage to do it?"

"Let's just say I know a very good place that's very helpful to me." said Mecha Sonic, not wanting to give Eggman the location of the Lake of Rings as that was beyond stupid "Did you really think I'd let myself get roboticized without having a way of worming myself around it? Even Big Dave from the MPD isn't THAT stupid! Now I'm here as Mecha Sonic but with my freewill back, I'm gonna de-roboticize your worldwide army!"

"You most certainly are not!" bellowed Dr. Eggman "Mecha Shadow, get in here now!" he ordered at the top of his grating old voice.

Mecha Sonic just proceeded to throw Dr. Eggman into a wall as Eggman wasn't his main worry right now. Dr. Eggman crashed into the wall and he groaned loudly. Katherine turned around and ran over to Eggman. Bunnie shot at her but Katherine activated her built in shield generator and the blast was deflected by the barrier. Bunnie fumed to herself as she didn't know Katherine could protect herself from attacks. Katherine switched off her barrier and she helped Dr. Eggman up. Mecha Sonic deployed his arm blasters and he aimed them at Dr. Eggman and Katherine.

"Nah, ah, ah Eggman, you're staying here and watching this fight just so I can rub my victory in your face." said Mecha Sonic "I always get a kick outta that."

Then suddenly, before he could even notice, Mecha Shadow spin-dashed him from the side and knocked him down onto the floor. Mecha Sonic and Mecha Shadow sprawled onto the floor but Mecha Sonic kicked Mecha Shadow off of himself and sent him hurling over onto his back.

"He-hey! Mecha Shadow's come to play!" cheered Mecha Sonic "I'm so-so against you as an organic being so let's see how you fare up to me as a robot!"

"You-will-pe-rish-for-this-you-mis-cre-ant." growled Mecha Shadow, picking himself up and preparing to do battle "How-dare-you-de-ceive-Dr.-Egg-Man-like-this!"

"Huh, I miss the times you actually wish doom on ol' eggers instead of worshipping him." muttered Mecha Sonic "Maybe I can knock some sense into that mindwiped head of yours!"

Mecha Sonic fired his blasters at Mecha Shadow but Mecha Shadow dodged the attacks and blasted him with his plasma cannons. One blast singed Mecha Sonic on the shoulder and the roboticized hedgehog grimaced in pain.

"Ouch! The bad thing about having my freewill back is I'm capable of feeling pain again!" muttered Mecha Sonic "Oh well, no pain no game as they always say!"

Mecha Sonic spin-dashed towards Mecha Shadow but Mecha Shadow kicked upwards and struck him like a football. Mecha Sonic hurtled straight up into the ceiling and he cracked it heavily. Bits of metal fell down onto the floor and Mecha Sonic fell back down rather heavily on the floor. He picked himself up and charged towards Mecha Shadow. They both punched each other in the face and they skidded backwards away from each other. Mecha Shadow charged up to Mecha Sonic and rammed him with his shoulder. Mecha Sonic punched Mecha Shadow in the face and then tried to punch him again but Mecha Shadow blocked the blow with his arm. He gut punched Mecha Sonic and then head-slammed him with his fist but Mecha Sonic retaliated with an uppercut to the chin and a ram of the shoulder. Mecha Shadow kneed Mecha Sonic in the gut and Mecha Sonic head-butted Mecha Shadow in the chest. They both punched at each other at a speed that could rival the greatest of ninjas while also blocking each other's blows. Mecha Sonic then tried to roundhouse kick Mecha Shadow in the face but Mecha Shadow bent over backwards and dodged the attack. He caught Mecha Sonic's leg and forced it back down onto the floor. He then proceeded to elbow Mecha Sonic in the back of the neck and knock him down onto the floor. Mecha Shadow summoned a Chaos Spear to his hand and he prepared to stab Mecha Sonic with it but Bunnie Rabbot shot him with her arm cannon. The blast knocked Mecha Shadow down onto the floor and he rubbed his singed back. Mecha Shadow picked himself up and he shot Bunnie in the leg with his plasma cannon. Bunnie fell down onto her knee and she groaned in pain. Mecha Shadow ran over to Bunnie but Mecha Sonic spin-dashed him in the back before he could touch Bunnie. Mecha Sonic pinned Mecha Shadow down to the floor but he didn't keep him down for long. Mecha Shadow head-butted him in the face which in turn made Mecha Sonic let go of him in order to clutch his face. Mecha Shadow kangaroo kicked him in the stomach and sent him hurling into a wall. Mecha Shadow picked himself up and prepared to deck Mecha Sonic but Bunnie ran up behind him and clouted him one with her robot fist. Mecha Shadow ended up skidding across the floor on his face. While all this was happening, Dr. Eggman and Katherine sneaked out of the room and away from the battle, leaving Mecha Shadow to deal with Mecha Sonic and Bunnie. The moment they escaped the room, Dr. Eggman grumbled to himself.

"How did Sonic manage to get his freewill back?" he ranted "How, how, how? It's impossible to get your freewill back! Oh wait, no it isn't. Mecha Vanilla got hers back after a sharp knock on the head a while back but Sonic hasn't had a knock on the head so how did he get HIS freewill back?"

Katherine just shrugged at Dr. Eggman in a gesture that said "I dunno.".

"I'm beginning to wonder if Mecha Tails and Mecha Ruben have done what Sonic's done and managed to get their freewill back!" grumbled Dr. Eggman "Although Mecha Sonic claims they gave themselves up, I'm not willing to believe him since he hasn't given himself up! If Sonic hasn't given himself up then Tails won't have either. Katherine, can you pinpoint their location at all?"

Katherine nodded silently.

"Then go to wherever it is there are and see if they've got their freewill back." ordered Dr. Eggman "I can't have two rouge Robians running loose in my base along with Mecha Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot!"

Katherine obeyed her master and she wandered slowly down the corridor to find Mecha Tails and Mecha Ruben. To their unfortunate luck, she knew where they were as Katherine was able to find any robot anywhere in the base as she was given brilliant tracking devices that could locate any of Eggman's robots, robot or Robian anywhere no matter where they were. Dr. Eggman watched as Katherine went to the lift and went down to the lower floors as they were already on the top floor. The moment she disappeared, Dr. Eggman opened the door a crack and he peeked into the room to see the battle between Mecha Sonic, Bunnie and Mecha Shadow. The fight seemed to be even sided so far. Bunnie gave Mecha Shadow a tremendous uppercut that almost took his head off and Mecha Shadow staggered backwards. Mecha Shadow retaliated with a right hook to the face and then he kicked Bunnie in the gut. Bunnie wheezed like a person with asthma and she doubled over in pain. This was the only flaw with being part organic and part robot, she still had soft spots and only her legs and arm were really that hard. Mecha Shadow smirked at Bunnie and he dropkicked Bunnie in the face, sending her rolling across the floor to the wall on the other side of the room. Mecha Shadow then tried to grab her again but Mecha Sonic tackled him as if he was a rugby player stopping his rival from scoring with the ball. The two roboticized hedgehogs sprawled onto the floor and Mecha Sonic was the first to get up. Mecha Shadow lunged at him but Mecha Sonic grabbed him and threw him straight into the wall. Mecha Shadow picked himself up and threw a Chaos Spear at Mecha Sonic. The spear struck Mecha Sonic and he staggered for a moment but he managed to remain standing somehow. Mecha Shadow threw another Chaos Spear at Mecha Sonic and the spear chipped him on his shoulder. Mecha Sonic grimaced in pain and retaliated with a blast of his blasters. The laser blast singed Mecha Shadow on his shoulder and before he had time to retaliate, Mecha Sonic leaped towards him and kick-slammed him in the gut. Mecha Shadow hurtled into a wall and left an impressive dent shaped like himself on the wall. Mecha Shadow growled at Mecha Sonic menacingly and he spin-dashed Mecha Sonic. Mecha Sonic landed with a clunk on the floor and he groaned in pain. Mecha Shadow then blasted Mecha Sonic with his plasma cannons again and Mecha Sonic groaned in even more pain. Bunnie however interfered by extending her robotic fist and walloping Mecha Shadow in the face. Mecha Shadow fell onto his side and he clutched his face in pain. Bunnie helped Mecha Sonic back onto his feet.

"How long do ya'll plan to keep this fight up for Sonic?" asked Bunnie.

"Until Tails and Ruben de-roboticize everybody." said Mecha Sonic "That is…IF we can last that long."

"Ah'm sure we will Sonic." said Bunnie "Ya'll are much strong now you're a robot and ah'm powerful enough to keep up with Shadow. "

"Then let's keep it up." said Mecha Sonic "After all, Eggman has no idea what Tails and Ruben are doing right now so he won't do anything about them."

With that said, he and Bunnie ran over to Mecha Shadow to further engage him in battle. Sonic had no idea if Tails and Ruben were doing any good down in the roboticizer chamber but he had a feeling they were making progress…

…and making progress they were. Mecha Tails had been changing the circuitry around inside the pod in hopes of setting it to de-roboticize the planet instead or roboticize it. He was taking his time though as he couldn't afford a screw-up of any kind during this process. Anything could go wrong when fiddling about with unknown circuitry so he had to deal with this nice and easily. While Mecha Tails had been working on the roboticizer pod, Mecha Ruben had been standing guard at the door to make sure nobody gets in the room and tries to stop them from saving Mobius. So far, not a single robot had come down their way. It seemed that Mecha Tails and Mecha Ruben were in for an easy time right now.

"How's everything Ruben?" asked Mecha Tails from inside the pod.

"Still clear." reported Mecha Ruben "I guess Sonic and Bunnie are keeping everybody occupied right now. I'm amazed how easy a time we're having."

"Well we have Sonic to thank for that." noted Mecha Tails as he pulled a cable out and put it in a different slot "He came up with the plan that's doing wonders for us so when we de-roboticize all of Mobius, we have Sonic to thank."

"We certainly do." said Mecha Ruben "How goes the process in there?"

"I think things are going well." said Mecha Tails as he mixed up some more wires "I'm mostly just switching cables and wires around to see if that works but I'm sure there's something else I must do before I fire this thing."

"How's mixing up wires and cables supposed to set it in reverse?" asked Mecha Ruben "Isn't that more like screwing the machine up then setting it in reverse?"

"Maybe it is but the idea behind it really is that these wires made the roboticizer do what it did didn't they?" explained Mecha Tails "So if I match them up to different ports, maybe they'll make the roboticizer do the opposite of what it's supposed to do when I fire it."

"Um…that makes sense…I guess." murmured Ruben "In all of Chun-Nan, I'll never understand technology." he moaned with a slight face-palm.

"I know what you're like Ruben." said Mecha Tails as he mixed up some more circuitry "Not everyone can understand technology. A lot of people I talk to don't really understand what I'm saying although maybe it's just me talking technical when I could make things a lot simpler to understand by talking normally to them."

"I bet that would be a lot better." said Mecha Ruben "I bet it's annoying when no one understands what you're…"

Before he could finish speaking, the elevator at the beginning of the corridor pinged and the doors opened up. Katherine walked slowly out of the elevator and she headed towards the roboticizer chamber. Mecha Ruben jumped in surprise and he held his hands out, ready to squirt her with water.

"Tails, we've got company!" shrieked Mecha Ruben.

"Oh no, not now!" groaned Mecha Tails "I'm not finished yet! Who is it? Any of our friends?"

"No, it's a feminine looking robot with a black visor and spikes above her head." explained Mecha Ruben "I think it's that robot that Eggman talked to us through earlier."

"I believe Eggman said her name was Katherine." thought Mecha Tails "His new servant bot to replace Alonzo now he's a scrap pile. Can you please keep her busy while I finish my work?"

"Tails, you didn't even need to ask." said Mecha Ruben "We water panthers love to help others, no matter what the problem is."

Katherine continued advancing down the corridor nice and slowly. Her vision was fixed squarely on Mecha Ruben, who was clearly preparing to squirt her. Mecha Ruben fired a jet of water at Katherine but the silent fem-bot activated her shield generator. This in turn surrounded her with a force-field and Ruben's water splashed against it. The roboticized water panther was so shocked he felt like he was going to malfunction.

"Tails, you're not gonna believe this but Katherine has a force-field!" cried Mecha Ruben.

"I guess your water powers are out of bounds then." muttered Mecha Tails "Try whatever you can, just keep her away from me until I've finished with this!"

"No problem Tails." said Mecha Ruben, cracking his metal knuckles "I'll just have to use my novice level ninjutsu and kung-fu on her instead."

So Mecha Ruben charged towards Katherine, who just stood there ominously and waited for him to come. Mecha Ruben leaped into the air, stretched his foot out and hurtled towards her foot-first. But Katherine raised her hands and fired some bladed discs at Mecha Ruben. The discs slashed Mecha Ruben across his legs, throwing his attack off balance and sending him crashing onto the floor. Mecha Ruben picked himself up and pounced on Katherine. Katherine shortened her barrier to the point it was only a red outline around her and she backhanded Mecha Ruben into the wall. Mecha Ruben stood back up and squirted Katherine with a jet of water. The barrier still protected her but it was only a red outline around her so it didn't stop the water attacks from throwing her off her feet and onto the floor. Katherine skidded across the floor and came to a stop near the hole in the wall Mecha Shadow had made earlier when he jumped through it with Sonic in tow. Katherine picked herself up but Mecha Ruben squirted her again. This jet of water was actually strong enough to push her straight through the hole in the wall and send her falling down to the ground! Katherine fell out of the hole and plummeted from the centre of Eggman's headquarters to the ground. Mecha Ruben cheered happily and he stuck his head back in the chamber.

"Hey Tails, I've defeated Katherine!" he reported "I pushed her through the hole in the wall Mecha Shadow made earlier and she's probably smashed to pieces on the ground now."

"Well done Ruben." said Mecha Tails from inside the roboticizer pod "Now I can finish this thing without any interruptions."

Unfortunately, he was wrong. Katherine had the ability to fly via jets in her feet and she flew straight back up to the hole in the wall and she drill-attacked Mecha Ruben as she leaped in. Mecha Ruben yelped in surprise and found himself being thrown onto the floor by the servant bot. She pinned him down and tried to rip him apart but Mecha Ruben kept her arms at bay.

"What's going on?" asked Mecha Tails, sticking his head out from the pod to see what was happening.

"Apparently, Katherine can fly!" cried Mecha Ruben as Katherine tried to grab him and tear him to pieces "She's not down yet! She's come back!"

Katherine tried to grab Mecha Ruben's head but Mecha Ruben held her arms at bay and stopped her from grabbing him. Mecha Ruben then proceeded to head-butt Katherine and make her let go of him. Mecha Ruben then kangaroo kicked her in order to keep her away from him and he leaped back onto his feet. Mecha Ruben tried to squirt Katherine and knock her over but Katherine expanded the barrier's size in order to stop it from pushing her. Katherine raised her hands and fired bladed discs at Mecha Ruben. Mecha Ruben back-flipped away from the firing discs but one managed to clip him on the ear. Mecha Ruben grimaced in pain but he charged back towards Katherine. He leaped into the air and began to rapidly kick Katherine but the barrier was preventing him from doing any serious harm to her. Katherine expanded the barrier even more to threw Mecha Ruben away and she wondered into the roboticizer chamber. Mecha Ruben freaked and ran after her. Inside the roboticizer pod, Mecha Tails could hear her coming so he stayed inside and remained hidden. Katherine kept her keen vision open for Mecha Tails as she had a feeling he was somewhere in the room. That was when she spotted the kicked in panel on the pod. She instantly worked out Mecha Tails was in there and she shortened her barrier so she could get down on her hands and knees and crawl inside to get Mecha Tails. But before she could get in, Mecha Ruben grabbed her by the legs and dragged her away. He then proceeded to throw the fem-bot straight into a wall. Katherine's vision went funny and she began to making groaning, whirring, beeping noises. The barrier had protected her from the full force of the slam but she was still a little dazed from that onslaught. Mecha Ruben then grabbed Katherine by the arm and threw her outside the chamber. He quickly closed the door and locked it. The door had the same kind of handle it had on the outside so it could be locked inside and outside. That would keep Katherine out for a while.

"Whew! Thank goodness that's over!" he sighed with relief "Katherine won't get in here now I've locked the door. I bet that door can resist many attacks, maybe even Sonic's spin-dash."

"You've locked Katherine out of the chamber?" asked Mecha Tails "That's great, she'll never get us now. Although we'll need to get out of here when we activate the roboticizer or we won't get effected by the waves."

"Once you've finished and you've set it to go, I'll let us outta here." said Mecha Ruben "Are you almost finished?"

"I am." said Mecha Tails "Just a few more things to change around and then we can give it a test drive."

Hopefully, Mecha Tails' changes would work and the roboticizer would de-roboticize everybody once it activated…
Episode 83 of my story. So, will Sonic's plan work or is it doomed to fail? Find out in the next part...
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