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January 16, 2013


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(glum voice) Hello there DA users, I'm Mixedfan8643. Well, it's finally happened. I've decided to put my foot down here. It's not secret that I'm a fan of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. It's also no secret I adore :iconianpotto:'s writing for the comic. But somehow, there are people who dislike his work and frankly, after looking for good stuff about the comics and finding nothing but stupid ranting after stupid bashing, I've decided to tackle the haters' claims and point out how flawed their arguments are. Let me just point out that this is NOT a journal bashing the haters of the Sonic comics, I'm just looking over the things they say while giving my tuppence. If you hate the comics then fine, I'm not stopping you from doing so. So please don't think I'm attacking anybody here, I honestly don't mean to, I'm just giving my opinion in a clam, polite manner. Also, don't dismiss me as some "Ian Flynn fanboy" or anything, this is me giving my thoughts on the whole thing. And no, I didn't slog through hater's comments just so I could find these claims, I heard about them from other users such as :iconbeau-skunk:. After I've debunked some claims, I will state my analysis I've had of the current story arc in the comics after reading them several times. Yes, I actually sit and analyse everything, what a shock! So here we go. I have my list of the most popular hater claims here so let's go through them one by one:

Interesting. Now let's see here. Under Ian's pen:

Sonic is the free-spirited, speedy jokester with a heart of gold, just like the games.
Tails is the humble, modest mechanic with a nack for machines and a courageous heart, just like the games.
Knuckles is the bad-tempered, fists-first ask later kind of guy, just like the games!
Amy is the chipper, happy Sonic fangirl with a crush on her hero, just like the games!
Cream is the polite and sweet little bunny, JUST LIKE THE GAMES!
Big is the dopey little fisherman with a big punch, JUST LIKE THE SODDING GAMES!!!
Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor are still like their SatAM counterparts although thanks to development under other writers before Ian, Antoine's a little braver so there you go.

I don't see how in anyway the characters are OOC under Ian. You want OOCness? See Ken Penders or Karl Bollers and their trash! Ken had Sonic be a man-whore and Tails be a crybaby who gets shocked whenever he sees Sonic kissing someone (See issues 150 & 155 for prime examples of that) and Karl had Sally be a complete bitch! Under Ian, everybody's how they should be. True Sonic and Tails fought each other but hey, even the strongest of friendships have their bumps in the road! And that was Ken's fault, not Ian's so don't blame him for it! Ken wrote issue 155 and had Sonic smooch with Fiona and Tails scream "I HATE YOU!" in his face. Ian only fixed that by doing his underrated "House of Cards" story. If issue 155 didn't have Sonic smooching with Fiona and Tails screaming "I HATE YOU!" then "House of Cards" wouldn't have been made. So there, no OOCness under Ian. As for the whole Mina Mongoose fiasco, she's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and she has the right to feel this way. Wouldn't you be scarred mentally if you were snatched off the street by the city you lived in?! That's pure nightmare fuel that is! So the way Mina acted has logical reasoning behind it all. Oh and you can't just say "Nicole's good again" and expect everybody to be immediately OK with it. Being snatched up by your own city is a VERY scary thing to happen and it's gonna scar people for a while. Also, Nicole could lose control by accident or something so saying "She's good now" isn't going to make everything OK again. You've just got to slowly but steadily win the citizens' trust back and Nicole is brave enough to try that. As for Mina getting everybody to hate Nicole, that wasn't the intention. It's clear as crystal that it wasn't her intention! Naugus used his magic to mess with everybody's minds and blow their anger out of proportion, much like the haters of this comic! That's why everybody hated Nicole, Naugus made them hate Nicole, Mina didn't! She wanted to inspire and empower people, not make them scared and angry! Also, the citizens could do with the motivation couldn't they? The heroes won't be around forever so we need to rally up the people and have them ready to defend themselves. That's a good motivation and if Naugus didn't screw around with emotions, Mina would have gotten the reaction she intended. So no OOC out of Mina Mongoose there. That's it for this claim, next one...

By that logic, the Iron Dominion saga is padding also. There is NO padding of any kind in the current story arc. Every issue has a purpose and every issue has a reason to be there. Issues 237-238...yeah they're pretty weak but they have a purpose. Eggman needs to refuel so he goes to Soumerca and has Mecha Sally stir up controversy amongst the locals just to slow Team Fighters down and give himself new people to legionize. Also, they build up to the extremely well done Secret Freedom Fighters arc in Sonic Universe which ALSO has a purpose. Issue 239, Mecha Sally's sent to assassinate Elias Acorn which is a GOOD IDEA as killing him would make everybody shocked and upset and it would bring down their spirits. Not to mention, again, it's to slow Team Fighters down. If you were a villain on the run from your worst enemy, would YOU endanger lives just to slow the hero down?! Of course you would! And again, issue 239 builds up to the SFF arc. Issue 240 finishes building up the SFF while also giving Team Freedom a chance to shine and it's Eggman taking advantage of the situation, show-casing him to be a brilliant villain who takes opportunities when he has them. Issue 241 has Eggman slowing down Team Fighters again and is a fantastic lead in to the looking-good-already arc "Endangered Species" where he does the brilliant idea of endanger more lives just to slow Team Fighters down. You SERIOUSLY call THIS padding?! It's all done with a reason, it's all got a purpose and it's not forcibly long anyway, it feels natural to me the length of this arc. And after going over them again, this whole thing's actually a pretty breezy read for me. It doesn't feel like its dragging. The length of the arc only makes it more engaging and interesting as it goes along too. And the reason Sonic keeps stopping to help others is because it's in his nature, to help those in danger. He can't focus on JUST Sally, every life matters after all so he has to save EVERYBODY and not just Sally. Also, would Sally be pleased to hear that Sonic left Eggman to terrorize innocents just so he could save her? Of course not! She'd be horrified with Sonic for being so heartless! If Sally was with Team Fighters now, she'd be wanting Sonic to save those endangered lives too! Honestly, there's no logic behind this claim at all so please stop saying it, it's all wrong!

IAN HATES (insert character/show right here)!
Just because he makes characters struggle against adversity, it doesn't mean he has anything against the characters. It means he's a writer and he's crafting a story. He said so himself and don't dismiss me as lying because I'm not. The comment can be found on this journal he did (…. And as for the whole "Ian hates SatAM!" BS, if Ian really did hate SatAM then he would he gotten rid of EVERY element of the show when he had the chance in "Genesis" don't you think? Besides, Ian's making the comic accessible to everybody, SatAM and the games. We can't have it just SatAM like or the game fans won't enjoy it much you know. I get that you SatAM fans are very passionate about the characters and the show but think about what the other readers might want. It'd be a bit selfish of you SatAM fans to only want the comic to be like SatAM and not care what the other fans might want to see wouldn't it? So Ian doesn't hate SatAM, he's trying his hardest to appeal to both sides of the party. By the way, if Ian wasn't restricted by SEGA, I bet he'd be letting the game characters get the blunt end of the stick too and thus even the score a bit. That's how I see it.

Are we reading the same comic here? It makes perfect sense! Eggman tried to roboticize the whole world but thanks to Sally's meddling, it backfired and ended up roboticizing her and now Eggman and Sonic are in a battle for her and the world while encountering various other characters over time. How can the current arc NOT be making any sense?! I dread to think what would happen if you read something complex like Batman or Watchmen, you'd REALLY struggle to follow those comics!

Hell no it's not. There's a lot of effort put into all of this and despite manddates getting in the way of it, the whole thing still comes off as pretty good. As for the whole BS about Naugus de-roboticizing Bunnie, Ian himself have an explination for it when talking to somebody. Naugus' magic has a different effect on inorganic material and when powered by a Chaos Emerald, his crystalline magic can turn inorganic material such as metal into organic material. Isn't it obvious?! The same can be said for the real grass we got in issue 231. Oh and by the way, when he said "A wizard did it" when asked about it, Ian was messing around! It wasn't supposed to be taken seriously! But still, what Ian did isn't lazy writing, it's a clever little mystery with a subtle but logical answer and it gets you thinking which in turn, adds to the interest value of the reader. I'm sure he'll publish the explination in a future issue later in the series.

Yeah right, Sonic is going around the world trying to save Sally and while he's at it, he saves Lupe and Hathor from the D.E.L. with the help of Amy, Tails and the wolf twins, saves the villagers of Feral Forest and is now currently trying to save the echidnas from extinction in "Endangered Species". HOW IS THAT HEARTLESS?!?! There is NO logic behind this claim whatsoever!!! OK, Sonic reacted violently to Silver in issue 235 but that wasn't him being heartless, he was in a bad mood at the time and people do bad things when they're in a bad mood. I bet when Sonic calmed down, he regretted what he did to Silver. And I know for sure he's still wanting to save Sally but he can't just focus on her as that would leave other lives to suffer at Eggman's hands and if he only focused on Sally, there'd be a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards so Sonic, being the big-hearted hero he is, is dedicating his journey to saving EVERYONE and not just Sally as that would go against his heroism in some ways. Sally would want him to save other lives too so Sonic's doing this not just for himself and the others, but for Sally. Again, that's REAL heartless isn't it?! NOT! You want a heartless Sonic? Then go read Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, THAT comic made Sonic heartless! Next claim!

This one REALLY drives me up the wall because it's so wrong in so many different ways! You want pointless shock value? I'll give you pointless shock value!    

Rouge kissing Locke!
THAT'S pointless shock value!

Sally slapping Sonic!
THAT'S pointless shock value!

Knuckles dying in issue 118!
THAT'S pointless shock value!

The Tails-isn't-Tails plot from issue 114!
THAT'S pointless shock value!

Mecha Sally!
That is the ANTITHESIS of pointless shock value! It's shock value and it has reasoning behind it! Ian is the only writer who's brave enough to do the unthinkable and he so-rightfully believed that Mecha Sally was a cool story idea. And it was! It's giving Sonic and friends something to fight for, it's giving other characters like Sonic and Amy a chance to develop now Sally's out of the spotlight at last, it's showing how the characters feel about losing a friend and how they deal with this horror. People like to see this kind of thing in comic books, characters fighting the enemy while also show-casing how they deal with loss and such and how they experience emotional cases like a friend turning against them or their friend being handicapped. That is character development, showing us how characters experience emotions and how they develop from the shocks they've had. Some times you have to make serious crap happen to characters to get character development. That's not bad writing, it's making the characters grow, it's giving them development, it's making them rise above their losses and grow stronger as a result, it's giving the heroes more motivation and giving the villains something to cheer about and that my friends is the reason behind Mecha Sally. It wasn't done just to get a reaction, it has a meaning and it's serving its purpose beautifully as of now.

Nicole's exile might seem like pointless shock value since it was overturned so quickly but it isn't. If Nicole was never exiled then she couldn't have contributed to the Secret Freedom Fighters and therefore, they might not have been able to function as they did in the arc. Only by exiling Nicole could that have happened. And since she was exiled, no one will suspect her of being involved in the SFF and Naugus will have no reason to be after her or anything. So there, shock value WITH A BLOODY PURPOSE!!!

As for Antoine, what's happened to him has given the characters a new chance at development as it show-cases how these characters deal with pain and tragedy and how they grow up from it. That in turn makes them more like characters and more three-dimensional as we get to see more emotion from them and different sides of their personalities that are not often explored. That kind of development is always good at catching your interest and making you care more about the characters. Let's not forget this could have happened to anybody so Antoine isn't special in this category but he's playing a part in this kind of character development. Also, it's a set up for future stories and a new development to Bunnie's character. Sometimes horrible things have to happen to get character development after all. If nothing bad happens then the characters will NEVER develop and will be stuck being one-dimensional and the same all the time. So be glad that Antoine's helping characters get new development and maybe he himself might get some new development after the whole thing blows over.

Also, the WHOLE ARC hasn't been JUST full of shock value. There are plenty of less shocking moments to balance things out. So that claim can be tossed in the dustbin. The shock value was all done with a purpose, none of it's been pointless. You're free to think otherwise if you like, but this is how I view the whole scenario.

You wish. Ian could have had Sally have a change of outfit anytime. Roboticizing her and turning her into Mecha Sally wasn't done just to give her new clothes, it was done to give Sonic something new to fight for and give the comic a new kind of story to tell. Also, Sally could just as easily be de-roboticized and be normal again. The redesign was ethier an editorial mandate or SEGA's idea. Ethier way, this claim is invalid and makes no sense. I pity any fool who believes in that junk.  

So that's it for the claims, now my analysis. Here's what I've worked out after sitting down and analyzing the whole story so farů

This is not just a one man band here, this is a fight for the planet and EVERYBODY's getting involved. We have Team Fighters and Team Freedom in the current roles, we have the Secret Freedom Fighters striking Naugus from the shadows, we have the Wolf Pack and the Felidae fighting the D.E.L. chapter in their country, we have the echidnas fighting the D.E.L. chapter in their home place and now we have Thrash joining in the fray and getting some new development. This is why the story arc is turning out the way it is now. Ian's giving everybody a chance in this fight and he's giving the readers time to explore other parts of Mobius while also hoping the best for Sally. All of this is done with purpose so it's not like it has no reason being like this. Eggman's endangering lives to slow the heroes down and that's a brilliant plan if you want to get the heroes off your back while you refuel your ship. Mecha Sally herself has been an interesting villain in this battle for Mobius. She doesn't rely on brute strength all the time as you'd expect her to do, she relies on toying with her opponents and leaving them in the dust, agitating them and making them lose their grip a little. That's a brilliant portrayal for a roboticized Sally Acorn and I'm glad Ian didn't just make her a generic mindless drone, he made her a cunning individual with interesting tactics and battle strategies. As for running away so much, that's part of her plan. She's messing with the heroes while also playing it safe. She could quite easily finish off the heroes but she can't take those kind of risks as she could easily get smashed or beaten and captured. Being slippery is definitely better then have her just be this mindless weapon. Kudos to Ian for a brilliant new take on Mecha Sally. Such a pity she'll be de-roboticized soon but oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Anyway, the current arc in the Sonic comics is no mess or whatever you haters call it. It truly is a wonderful ride around Mobius with interesting twists and turns, captivating settings, fantastic artwork, strong character development and an interesting take on a redundant villain (Mecha Sally). The current story arc really isn't what you haters claim it to be, it's much better then you give it credit for. You've just got to read it thoroughly and analyze all the important bits before passing judgement.

But who am I to preach to you all? This is all my opinion and I stand by it. You probably stand by yours and that's fine with me but please, really think about things before you start claiming things that aren't true.

So that's it from me. I apologize if I sounded a bit antagonistic, I just wanted to let off some steam a little while providing a thorough study on a REALLY overlooked story arc in the Sonic comics. I didn't do this to attack anyone who hates the comics so please don't flame me over this. I was just stating my opinion. You're free to have yours like anybody is but if you have any comments, please keep it civil and constructive. It's OK to disagree with one another but we don't need to have a flame war over an opinion. So that wraps up this journal entry. Feel free to leave comments below but keep it civil please and I'll see you next time. Have a nice day deviant art users and thanks for reading! :) As Sonic would say, "Keep on juicing!"
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No need, I've seen it already and I don't care about it. I've decided to leave the haters alone now and I would really have liked it if they didn't waste their time debunking my journal. It wasn't a rant, nor was it targeted at anybody. I was just making a harmless analysis. They didn't need to start making rebuttals to it. I know you all have your opinions and I have mine, it doesn't mean we should spend our lives debating each other. I'll be quite happy to step down and let you haters continue on your merry ways. This fight's not worth fighting anymore.
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